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And we're off!

I promise to not get over-indulgent, but I had to put a few words down to describe how my week has gone so far.

I started back at school and was so pleased to get back into the swing with my students. Whether they are going on to be concert platform recitalists or top London lawyers, we always have fun and share a passion for music, from Disney tunes to an in-depth history of the origins of jazz. My recorder ensemble worked really hard and our Mary Poppins selection is going to be great. Then Pop Choir launched this term in beautiful harmony. Our school orchestra have made a really enthusiastic start with an arrangement I did of the Dambusters March and I still have a jazz gig in Newbury tonight and my newly inherited Windband to look forward to tomorrow morning. Life doesn't get any better....

Oh...hang on...yes it does...

Vocalese opened its doors for the first time this week. Not a small moment in my life personally, as it is the beginning of a new chapter, musically, personally, spiritually and socially. It has been just the most amazing and rewarding experience to kick off this term with our new choir. Any new term is always special with fresh repertoire and a chance to catch up with your singing family after a break of some weeks. This one for me is extra-magical. Someone commented that they thought I had found my sparkle again. They were right!

Both evenings in Caversham and Bracknell were predictably excellent and reflected the groups abilities to learn new material and make it sound way better than it ought to for this early in the term. But it was the conversations that I overheard afterwards that made the sessions even more worthwhile. Talk of social events, family days and a general notion that there is already a growing sense of community amongst the membership of Vocalese. My absolute delight is of course now I can truly engage on every level and feel like I am firmly back within my community and our choir.

My family, both domestic and choir, have been so supportive over the last few quite difficult months and I am so grateful for that support. Having come out on the other side, the only way is up, and I hope you all have a head for heights!

Singing is a tonic. Singing with a group is a gin and tonic. Singing with a group like Vocalese...well, you choose but think of your livers!

Looking forward to the weeks to come and the fresh face of community singing that we are in the process of planting ever more firmly.


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