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What a year?

What a year it's been? Such a lot of good fun had by all at Vocalese. We've said goodbye sadly to a few members who have moved away or just needed space and a restraining order, and we've welcomed lots of new faces to the family. With loads of performances behind us this year and a bunch of money raised for charity in the process, we can be very proud of our choir.

It's been a big year of change for me, personally. Figuring out how to manage to proper full-time job and still have time and energy for family, friends and of course, choir, has been fun. We moved house in October and the paint is only just dry on my new music room! It still needs sound treatment to make it sound a bit nicer than it does...note to self...don't build a studio into a square room in the future!!

With one song done and up on the website for the coming term, I do need to extract my digit and get cracking - I have great ideas! That said, I've managed to find time to spend with Melissa and the boys over Christmas and it's been wonderful to welcome friends into the new house and celebrate fellowship together.

This post isn't meant to be anything of substance, but merely something that I felt I needed to do as the year drew to a close, just to sort of finish things out.

I'm very grateful for what I have and who I have around me. Long may that continue. I know many people who aren't as lucky and maybe aren't as happy with their lot. With music in my veins and crazy people to share it with, it don't get much better than that!

Happy New Year... I've a feeling it'll be another good one.

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