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Sing moist! Improve your singing through drinking!

So a few people have asked me how they can improve their singing. It is a jolly good question, and actually not one that I can really tackle in a blog post as it is really a very personal thing and depends on a lot of different factors. There are a few basics however that you can consider that don't even necessarily involve singing!

"You are what you eat". This old nugget does hold water (pun intended) and actually, you will already know that what you take in to your body will affect how you feel in the time that follows. Your 100m sprint time may drop by a few 10ths of a second. You may not be able to multiply seven thirteen digit numbers together quite so fast. Your head might thump a little bit and the thought of rich foods may induce involuntary abdominal muscle workouts.

Your voice is part of you and will function better or worse depending on how you treat it and how you treat yourself. If you feel sluggish for whatever reason - dehydration, tiredness, overindulgence, general poor physical or emotion condition - then so will your voice. In producing sound (called phonation by boffins), the voice's incredibly complex system of cartilages, muscles, tendons and mucous membranes work together with mind-boggling coordination. This happens best when you feel at your best. Most of us are constantly dehydrated. If you get to the point that you actually feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Have I mentioned that hydration is quite important?

So when you are preparing to regale workmates, pupils, fellow customers in retails outlets or strangers in the street with a medley of your favourite songs, have a big glass of water, go for a brisk walk, spend some time laughing with friends and get a good night's sleep! Next stop, The Albert Hall awaits your one-person show!

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