Member Fees

To complete your membership we just need you to sign up to a payment plan to pay for your member fees. You have a few choices as detailed below. Click on the one best for you. You'll be redirected to GoCardless, our payment provider, and once you have filled in your details, you're good to go! I'll get notification, and you're account will get activated.


We never have access to your banking details and any arrangement that you set up you can also cancel via online banking, or we can cancel it for you. As a courtesy, do please let us know if you intend to cancel your direct debit yourselves.


Standard Monthly Subs

If you would like to pay monthly, then select this plan.

Termly (4 monthly)

Standard Termly Subs

To pay for a term in one go. Equal to four monthly payments of £17.50


Family Discount

If you are a husband and wife team or a parent and child, then please enjoy a little discount on us. £15 per person rather than £17.50 per month. 

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