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Vocalese goes on Tour

Germany 2019

Please note - booking is now closed for this trip. If you'd like to come, you can either put your name on the waiting list in case someone drops out, or there are alternative solutions... see me at choir or drop me an email :-)

GERMANY! YAY! - Please read this before filling in the form.

Any previous Germany forms you filled in do not matter any more. This is the one that tells us that you want to go to Germany.

OK, here are a few pointers and important bits for filling in the form and committing to the trip to Germany next December. It is going to sound a bit serious, but I have to put on long trousers just for a moment and do some grown up organising! Please forgive me if it insults your intelligence. Better that than not be clear for everyone. Try and picture me with my serious face on... can't do it for long, be quick!

Firstly, the cost

To remove any doubt... £380 pays for the the accommodation plus breakfast, coach travel and the organising of the tour. Flights are extra, hopefully somewhere between £200-250, and then you need spending money and money for meals. So basically around £600 per person plus spends.

Slight Change of Plan

There is a minor change to the Monday itinerary. Given that we will have performed in good venues on busy days at the weekend, an extra performance on the Monday is not going to live up to the other two and may well be somewhat of an anticlimax. So, the Monday will be free time, either in Nuremberg, or possibly in Munich, to relax after a busy weekend, before we fly back. The return journey will be from Munich, from where we will get a flight late in the afternoon, arriving back at Heathrow at a much more sociable hour.

Have another read of the itinerary if you'd like to regain an idea of all the fun and hijinx we are going to get up to! Click on the button above...

So, the form.

Please fill in one form per member of Vocalese coming on the trip. If you are husband and wife, I still need one form from each of you.

If you are bringing a travel buddy or buddies, put the number in the appropriate box in the form. For example, if husband and wife are both members of the choir and are bringing two children between them, then both husband and wife fill in a form, and they can either both be responsible for one child each, or one of them can vouch for both, leaving the other to have a good time!

The deposit is payable by January 25th. Please pay by bank transfer or you can do it in person at a bank - the details are as follows.


Account payable - VOCALESE

Sort Code - 30-96-26

Account no - 45814160

The deposit is £50 per person traveling. For my sanity, please can I ask for one deposit transaction per choir member going. It's going to be much easier for me to match up deposits against your names.


If you are bringing non-choir members as travel buddies, then you can pay that deposit as one lump. E.g. - you are bringing a friend and their maiden aunt - that makes three of you...deposit of £150. Done.

When you make the payment, please put in a REFERENCE for the payment so I can match it up to you. "Surname Firstname" would be best.


If you set VOCALESE up as a payee in your internet banking, then the subsequent payments will be easier to make later in the year.

This deposit is not refundable. It may be transferrable later on, but not refundable.

Lastly, please check your form before submitting. Some of you are good at spelling your names wrong. Well done. Doesn't help and whilst I say I don't mind, editing loads of data in spreadsheets when it should've been right the first time...I could be painting my nails instead.

Room Sharing and sleeping arrangements

We'll sort out names as on passports, room sharing allocation and so on later in the year.


Right... click at the top of this page to fill in that form and let's get our Lederhosen back from the cleaners!

Questions or queries?

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